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Let us inspire your team to be healthier and more productive!

The Wellness Within Movement helps organizations have higher quality production and efficiency by supporting team members in their quest for better health. Individuals can expect to see the following results:

Improved Mood & Job Satistaction


Better Ability to adapt to stress

“With the right knowledge, tools and inspiration, everyone has the potential to have amazing energy, health and vitality!”

– Dr. Brent DeLong

What We Offer

Dr. Brent 3-talk Series

We offer 3 different programs to suit any organization:

Health WorkshopS

A free one-time workshop

3-Talk Series

In-depth talks on 3 main topics of health

Wellness ChallengeS

A 45-day health challenge

“Health is our greatest asset, and we should treat it as such.”

- Dr. Brent DeLong

We can talk to your organization about the following:

Digestive health and your microbiome

Discover the importance of your microbiome and learn how to get healthy from the inside out!


Build up your Immunity

Build a titanium-strong immune system in order to combat illness and disease!

Kick-start your Metabolism

Learn how to create metabolic flexibility in order to burn fat and lose weight!


Learn how to combat daily stress and successfully live within stressful environments.

Heart Health

Protect your health and your heart! Find ways to fight against one of the most deadly diseases!

Weight Loss

Learn how to successfully lose weight and find the key to keeping it off for good!


Identify the “root cause” and learn how to empower your natural detox system!

About Us

About Dr. DeLong

About Dr. DeLong

Dr. Brent is a health advocate with a passion to inspire people to reach their highest life potential through upgrading their lifestyle.

Dr. Brent desires to lead people to better health and vitality through interactive events and challenges focused on getting healthy, not just masking symptoms.

After building one of the largest wellness clinics in the country, Dr. Brent has taken what he learned while helping tens of thousands of patients, and is bringing it to the community through the ‘Wellness Within Movement.’

Through these interactive workshops, seminars and wellness challenges, people and organizations are being led to better health and vitality.



Our health impacts every aspect of our life from focus, mood, and relationships to our productivity and energy!

We believe that the productivity of an organization comes down to the health and energy of individual team members.

Lifestyle diseases are becoming an epidemic!

The reality is that most of these diseases can be prevented if, and only if, people have the right knowledge and plan.

We realize people need so much more than just a quick prescription, or a guilt trip on why they should start going to the gym.

People need direction, inspiration, and easy yet impactful solutions to prevent or reverse disease and get healthy!

This is what has led to the ‘Wellness Within Movement.’

Through this movement, we have the potential to help people feel better, sleep better, have more focus, reduce stress, reduce the need for medications, and gain energy and vitality to exceed in all aspects of life!

What People are Saying

Our first Wellness Workshop with Dr. Brent was wonderful!

“The information was exactly what so many of our employees were hoping to hear. We had a great response from employees wanting to get further information, further help, and wanting to know how to get healthy, not just for the short-term, but how to truly change their lives and get healthy.”


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