Lead your team to better health with our engaging programs and relevant topics.

When you decide to take that step towards creating a better, healthier work environment, the ROI is exponential! The Wellness Within Movement has been known to help team members feel better and have higher energy, resulting in higher quality production and efficiency. Not to mention, the morale among team members rises to a whole new level!

Research shows each dollar invested into employee wellness yields a $3.00-$6.00 return.

Benefits Include

  • Increased productivity
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Increases ability to adapt to stress
  • Increase in job satisfaction
  • Increase in retention/recruitment
  • Decreases missed work
  • Decreases MD visits
  • Lowers need for prescription drugs
  • Decrease in employee turnover

We offer three programs to meet your organization's needs

Health Workshop

A free one-time workshop

If you are wanting to introduce a wellness focus to your organization this is a great way to start.

If your organization already has a great wellness program, this could be a great addition to the program or a way to bring some new energy and engagement.

At this initial seminar, we will come to your organization and present on a topic of your choosing.

We will deliver an engaging and interactive workshop, provide relevant resources and inspire your organization to make changes towards better health!


— $397

Health is never a destination, it is a constant journey. There are so many different aspects of health and so many different aspects of life that can impact our health.

The goal with our 3-talk series is that we get a chance to go in depth on each topic, answer questions and provide real, simple and relevant action steps towards better health. We will focus on the 3 main aspects of health:

  • Stress
  • Metabolic health and weight loss
  • How to avoid toxins that cause disease and how to detox safely

We can customize the topics to cater to your specific organization as needed.


— $37 per person

If you’re looking for an event that can have a huge impact, let’s set up our “45-day Kick Start Your Metabolism Challenge.”

Following the ‘Kickstart Your Metabolism’ seminar, we will provide a 45 day challenge. This includes:

  • Nutrition plans
  • Recipes
  • Exercise plans
  • All the follow-up resources to lose 20lbs in 45 days

This challenge will have a series of follow-up emails, newsletters and videos to expand on topics about weight loss and how to become a ‘fat burner!’ Don’t think this is just about weight loss. This is for everyone wanting to feel better, have more energy and a lifetime of vitality – it’s not about just changing the number on your scale. This event is an all-encompassing way to get people excited about getting healthy.

We teach the topics that improve your team’s lives

Digestive Health and your Microbiome

Get healthy from the inside out

Did you know that digestion, heart health, immunity and even mental health is linked to the health of your digestive system and microbiome?

  • Learn how to develop a happy healthy microbiome
  • Master a step-by-step plan to the 3 R’s to optimal gut function
  • Learn what your microbiome means to your immune system
  • Gain insight into which hormone imbalances are related to the gut
  • Discover the mental health and gut health connection

Kick-Start your Metabolism

Create metabolic flexibility to burn fat and lose weight

  • Develop a strategic plan to become a fat-burning machine
  • Uncover how common toxins affect weight loss resistance
  • Identify the role sleep and stress play in your metabolic health
  • Discover the impact on metabolism plays on diabetes and blood pressure

Heart Health

Protect your health against one of the most deadly diseases

  • Discover the impact of oxidative stress
  • Uncover the truth about cholesterol
  • Learn about the 3 hidden causes of heart disease
  • Implement quick and effective ways to manage blood pressure


Identify the cause and empower your natural detox system

  • Expose the top 5 most common places toxins are found
  • How toxins can destroy your health
  • Build a strong plan to detox from stress
  • Identify sources of hazardous exposures in your home

build up your immunity

Build a titanium-strong immune system

Did you know there is an incredible power that exists within us that protects, defends, and regulates our bodies?

  • Learn how to enable our natural immune system 
  • Learn the easiest ways to supercharge your immune system
  • Discover the biggest stressors that destroy your immune system
  • Discover lifestyle strategies known to help prevent cancer, autoimmunity and chronic disease


The silent killer; the thief that steals your health

  • Understand your G.A.P. (General Adaptive Potential)
  • Understand that this is not about stress reduction
  • Learn how to create abundant health to handle life’s stresses
  • Learn ways to reduce the negative effects of stress


Want to lose body fat fast, but in a healthy way?

  • Learn what hormones control weight loss and how to influence them
  • Learn how to create a nutrition plan to help burn fat
  • Discover the best ways to work out to burn fat
  • Learn what causes weight loss resistance and how to overcome it
“It was really great for our staff to hear what Dr. Brent said about health and wellness. It was a very different approach and I particularly liked the fact that he talked about overall health and getting to the root causes.”

We're ready to help your organization thrive!