The Wellness Within Movement

About Dr. Brent

About Dr. Brent

Dr. Brent DeLong is a health advocate with a passion to inspire people to reach their highest life potential through upgrading their lifestyle. Dr. Brent feels his purpose is to help lead people to better health and vitality through interactive events and challenges focused on getting healthy, and not just masking symptoms.

Dr. Brent’s passion comes from personally witnessing family members struggle with health. It was extremely frustrating to see loved ones make poor lifestyle choices that led to medical interventions, such as drugs and surgeries, all of which only masked problems and never truly got to the real solution. These life experiences have inspired him to help thousands of patients discover the true cause of their health conditions. Through specific strategies and recommendations that focus on the root cause, Dr. Brent helps his patients get real and lasting results.

After building one of the largest wellness clinics in the country, Dr. Brent is now taking what he has learned by helping tens of thousands of patients and bringing it to the community through the ‘Wellness Within Movement.” Through these interactive workshops, seminars and wellness challenges, people and organizations are led to better health and vitality.

The WHY behind the ‘Wellness Within Movement’


We all recognize that our health impacts every aspect of our life, from focus, mood, & relationships to our productivity & energy! The productivity of an organization all comes down to the health and energy of the individual team members. The sad reality is that the current state of health in this country is dismal at best. With this ‘quick-fix, fast-paced, fast food, pill-popping, symptom-focused’ philosophy we live with today, we are seeing obesity rates at an all-time high while chronic fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression are also reaching never seen before numbers.

Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are becoming an epidemic. The reality is that most of these diseases can be prevented if, and only if, people have the right knowledge and a plan. There has never been a greater need for our country to focus on health than now!

Understanding the nature of the world we live in, we realize that people need so much more than just a quick doctor visit, a quick prescription, or a guilt trip on why they should start going to the gym.

We understand that people need direction, inspiration, and easy yet impactful solutions to lose weight, get in shape, prevent/reverse disease and get healthy!

This is what led to the ‘Wellness Within Movement.’

Through this movement, we have the potential to help people:


+ Feel better

Sleep better

+ Focus more

+ Reduce stress

+ Reduce the need for medications


+ Gain energy and vitality to exceed in all aspects of life!

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