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Reviews from Past Events


I believe that preventative health and corrective measures are vitally important for all organizations. If you prevent just one employee hospital visit it will save the organization significantly.

“Dr. Brent provided an inspiring presentation on self care and how stress has a debilitating effect upon the body. He presented us with valid information that convinced me and other colleagues we could vastly improve issues with our pain and stress. You can tell that he believes wholeheartedly in the business of improving the health of his patients. Employees that have less pain and stress will have a positive impact on any organization.”

Karen W
University of Oklahoma Health and Sciences Center

“Dr. Brent did an amazing job at explaining the impact that stress can have on your body and all the areas it can affect. It was very eye opening to see how important it is to take care of our bodies by treating the root cause and not just the symptom. We can only serve others best, when we take care of ourselves and present the best version of ourselves to our customers.”

Megan S.
First Liberty Bank

“Dr. DeLong participated in our school district’s teachers meeting delivering a timely message for busy educators. The practical advice and well researched data he imparted was motivating and easy to understand. His presentation was fast-paced, enjoyable, and included a heart-felt message concerning his own experiences.”

David M.
Principle of Lexington Public Schools

Learning about health is vital for firefighters and their families. Firefighters are constantly exposed to various toxins so learning what they can do at home to help rid their bodies of these toxins and improve their health is extremely important.

“Dr Brent’s open and honest conversations really helped the couples see the importance of taking care of their bodies as a whole. We all learned so much from him.

Sabrina Y.
Fire Life Together

In our line of work, in order to provide the highest level of service to our clients, it is crucial that we invest in our physical and mental health.

“Dr. Brent did an amazing job of explaining the importance of investing in our health, so we have the additional capacity to serve our clients in the most-excellent manner. He left an amazing mark on our team and inspired us all to do everything we can to live healthier lifestyles. We welcome him and his team back anytime to speak to our staff, customers, and business partners. We also make every effort to promote the practice and explain the many benefits of working with Dr. DeLong!

Lydell W.
First Liberty Bank

“Dr. Brent spoke at my construction site to our site staff and all of the foremen. He discussed the effects of high stress levels in our lives and, as you guess, there is plenty of stress on a construction site. I particularly liked his point that good health is less about removing stress from our lives, because we can never remove it all, but rather about how to train our bodies and minds to better cope with that stress. His talk really got me thinking of how to better handle work stress and I was able to implement some of those solutions into my daily routine. We really appreciate his willingness to come speak at the site. I haven’t known another doctor who has been so enthusiastically involved with his patients.”

Construction Site Superintendent

We are in an intense industry that literally NEVER slows down, and we are prone to put the job first. This is why Melissa and I, in part, created the Culture Club so we could put emphasis back on us, the employee, the individual.

“I had three people come to me afterwards asking more about you. People that have had issues and are tired of this terrible healthcare system. They want to take the control back, and not be managed but rather cured. You made a difference. Hell, you got me back in for an adjustment. POWER’S ON, DR. BRENT!

Molly H.
Gaming Capital Group

“I want to thank DrBrent DeLong, my Chiropractor, and his wonderful assistants, Victoria, Shannon, and Bailey for coming to OU today to give a Lunch and Learn at the monthly AAPC mtg! He was wonderful, as always, and the talk about Stress in our Lives had lots of great info. Thanks so much Doc! You guys are awesome!!!”

Marla P.